Arancini di Riso (Sicilian Rice Balls)
Homemade with risotto, Parmesan & Romano cheese & Italian bread crumbs. Deep fried & served over our marinara sauce. 
Fried Clams
Fresh native Ipswich clams fried golden brown.


Cajun Swordfish
Cajun blackened swordfish topped with a roasted corn & black bean salsa. Served with your choice of starch & vegetable. 
Surf & Turf
7 oz. char-grilled ribeye steak, topped with crispy onion strings with two baked stuffed shrimp. Served with your choice of starch & vegetable. 
Chicken Carbonara
Sautéed chicken tenders with mushrooms, crispy bacon, sweet peas & roasted red peppers in our creamy egg alfredo sauce. Tossed with homemade sweet pea, prosciutto, caramelized onions & ricotta raviolis.